Friday, April 24, 2009

UMA Solar Collaborates With Clipper Magazine

UMA Solar is pleased to announce its collaboration with Clipper Magazine and its subsidiaries.

We’ve managed to negotiate deeply discounted rates for you, our dealers, so you can begin local advertising campaigns in their publications. You can save 30% to 40% off the local rates by taking advantage of this program.

Working through our dedicated National Account Manager, Barabar Mill, we have provided Clipper Magazine with our authorized artwork and logos to create compelling advertising campaigns to help drive qualified leads to your business. Their staff of graphic artists will be able to create lead generating, results oriented, visually appealing ads customized to the individual dealer’s likeness and message.

Here is just a sample of the regular regional rates vs. our UMA Solar regional rate structure:

If you are interested in creating a campaign that is specific to your market and generates a great return on investment, please contact Barbara Mill at 888-569-5100 ext 3975 or email her at