Monday, March 14, 2011

Solar: The Safe Energy Choice

Between the BP disaster and the potential nuclear meltdown in Japan, do we need any more reasons to begin investing in clean, renewable energy like SOLAR?

There are 104 commercial reactors operating at 65 plants in the United States. While most are in the Midwest and along the east coast, some are in earthquake-prone areas. In particular, two in California are built on the Pacific coast near the San Andreas fault. These are built to withstand a magnitude 7.5 earthquake—much less than the San Francisco quake of 1906 measuring 8.3 and Friday’s Japanese quake of 8.9.

Solar power is safe, clean and readily available. Best of all, the wide range of available solar technology gives individuals and businesses the flexibility to achieve energy independence according to their own budget and needs. From solar hot water systems and simple, solar-powered attic fans to complex photovoltaic systems that can completely free users from the grid, solar power is a financially feasible and environmentally responsible choice.