Thursday, November 17, 2011

Opportunity to Support Solar Industry and Squash Media Misinformation

From SEIA:

With national media still focused on solar issues, I wanted to share with you a few recent opinion pieces that help counter some of the misinformed articles that we’ve seen recently, including this skewed New York Times piece from this past weekend.

First, in the Columbus Dispatch, State Representative Peter Beck argues that Ohio is receiving a strong return on investment today solar power.

SEIA also placed op-eds this week in two outlets that have been traditionally lukewarm on solar. The first appears in the conservative online news portal, The Daily Caller. And in today’s Investor’s Business Daily, I argue that federal support for solar is not an anomaly - all energy industries have historically received federal policy support to power our economy.

It is important that we continue to push back on press pieces that are misinformed about solar. If you see a story that needs correction or context, feel free to use SEIA’s talking points on the industry’s real story. Keep the conversation civil and fact-based, but push back aggressively to show our industry will not let myths about solar go unchallenged.

I also have a quick request that will help extend the 1603 Treasury Program. Take ten seconds and add your company’s name to this letter. We will present the letter to Congress to show that allowing this program to expire will harm businesses across America. Real jobs are at stake – 37,000 next year alone hang in the balance according to EuPD Research. Please fill out the form at the end of the letter and we'll take it from there.