Monday, December 12, 2011

MyGenflex offers increased flexibility and monitoring

Kyocera Solar's MyGen Kits — all-inclusive kits available as part of UMA Solar's Heliolectric line for residential and light commercial solar energy installations — have expanded to include MyGenflex. This latest addition offers increased versatility for installation, expansion and monitoring services, featuring Kyocera’s premier KD240 watt solar modules, and new M215.

The MyGenflex kit is Enphase Energized™ with high efficiency M215 microinverters from Enphase, enabling a scalable solar system by converting direct current (DC) produced by solar modules into alternating current (AC) from each individual module in an array. This allows owners the flexibility to add to their solar energy system as needed. Further enhancing the MyGenflex system is the Enlighten monitoring and analysis software from Enphase, which monitors each microinverter and solar module in the system. Performance information is available via the web as part of a monitoring solution that allows owners and installers to track system performance. “A Kyocera Enphase Energized solution not only enables a flexible, high-performance solar energy system that is expandable and intelligent, it is also backed by the same dependable support that Enphase customers swear by,” said Bill Rossi, chief marketing officer of Enphase Energy.

Kyocera’s current MyGen line is already recognized as a comprehensive, convenient way to integrate solar power — the pre-engineered systems include the modules, inverter, racking, monitoring, grounding, manual, drawings, and minor components needed to complete a grid-tied solar energy installation. MyGen “Made in America” kits, which qualify for participation in the ARRA “Buy America” Program, offer the benefits of U.S.-based manufacturing with the expertise that comes from Kyocera’s 37-year experience in the solar industry.

“Kyocera’s pre-engineered MyGen kits greatly simplify the task of installing a solar electric generating system on a home or business,” stated Steve Hill, president of Kyocera Solar, Inc. “These turn-key kits offer the reliability and industry-leading output of Kyocera’s modules, which have repeatedly achieved record-breaking cell efficiencies. With the innovative features of the Enphase Microinverter System, MyGenflex represents an ideal solution for those seeking to invest in solar energy for cost and environmental benefits.”