Wednesday, September 9, 2009

UMA Solar Offfers New Imaging Tools For Dealers

UMA Solar is proud to announce a great new service to our dealers – Pictometry Intelligent Images®. For years, Pictometry has enabled emergency responders around the country to literally "know before they go". Today, Pictometry solutions are doing the same for professionals in commercial industries as well. Pictometry can change the way your business works, using the same sophisticated oblique imagery that was once available only to mapping and GIS professionals.
"Pictometry works great in regards to solar," says Ryan O’Leary, UMA Solar’s expert in Pictometry. "It allows you to get a very good quality picture of roof tops or any area you need to see from up above. This tool lets our dealers have prior knowledge of the work site before ever getting up on the roof. They can take pictures of the work site, highlight angles/surface area and write all the measurements or other annotations before taking the picture. One of the best features our dealers can use is after saving a screenshot; they can open the file in Powerpoint and add small images of solar panels on the picture. Having these pictures with all measurements, text, and solar panels included will be a great in helping our dealers show their customers their plans."
Before even visiting an installation site in person, Pictometry allows our dealers to:
  • Measure the pitch, square footage, and bearing of roof, as well as the overall height of the structure.
  • View of any obstructions on the roof that would be in their way for panel/collector installation.
  • Accurately estimate how many panels an installation will need or allow for.
  • Get views from every compass direction, as well as a direct overhead top view.
  • Measure the distance of leeway in regards to objects (e.g. trees, sheds, etc.) in close proximity to the building.
For more information on how to get started using Pictometry for your business, contact Ryan O’Leary at or call 1-800-797-6527.